X Factor Contestant Facing Deportation Afraid Of What Her Former Government Will Do To Her If She Returns!

Poor thing! This has become such a mess!

Recently eliminated X Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu, whose family is currently facing deportation from Scotland, reportedly has to fear for her life if she returns to Zimbabwe because of the attention her noteriety brings to the government!

She explains:

“I’ve been in the public eye now and people there know I’ve fled Mugabe‘s regime. They will punish us if we go back. They’re going to know where we are. There’s a firing squad waiting for us there and they’re putting me in front of it. I’m a total mess. People want to know if I’m OK – well, I’m definitely not OK. I don’t understand. I’m a good person, what have I done to deserve this? I feel so responsible I have put my family through all this. My two brothers have had to be kept out of school because they are so upset and it’s all my fault. If I hadn’t applied for the X Factor none of this would ever have happened.”

Just awful. We can’t imagine she could have anticipated all of this when she signed up for the competition!

Meanwhile, despite support from fans and her lawyer attempting to appeal the forced deportation, Labour leader Ed Miliband doesn’t think anything can be done for Nhengu.

He explains:

“I feel very sorry for Gamu but I think you do have to have the proper rules enforced, you can’t make an exception for someone because she was on the X Factor, so I think the authorities have to make their own decisions in the normal way.”

What an incredibly difficult position to be in! Our hearts really go out to you, bb, and hopefully something can be done to help you and your family!

Please try and keep your chin up!

Your presence on X Factor touched so many people, and they are all rooting for you!

Oct 11, 2010 12:50pm PDT

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