Transgender Teen Commits Suicide

This is truly awful!

18-year-old Justin Lacey graduated from Buchanan High School in Clovis, California in 2009, and recently started living as Chloe, a transgender woman.

According to Chloe’s family, she was accepted for who she was by the majority of her peers, but she committed suicide out of fear of being bullied.

Here’s what Chloe’s mother had to say about it:

“Who wants to see a young man walking down the street with a dress on? In his eyes, that was the worst fear of all time, for someone to throw rocks at him, beat him up. It’s just the overall society judgment is what did this.”

More from Chloe’s stepdad:

“That’s what we’re creating as a society. We’re creating this incredible cloud of fear for these individuals and they feel they have nowhere to go.”

Days before her 19th birthday, Chloe shot and killed herself while away at school.

Chloe’s story has become a source of inspiration for gay rallies all over the nation.

At Fresno State Sunday, United Student Pride began work on an on-campus event called “Be the Change, Out is In.”

Here’s what Fresno State student Dausha Calhoun had to say about it:

“We want all the incoming high school students and all the other community to know that there is somebody here to help them that’s here on campus and to know they’re not alone.”

Our hearts go out to Chloe’s family and friends out there!

We’re glad to see students taking action as a result of this tragedy, and we encourage everybody out there to continue taking action towards making society a more welcome place for people with alternative lifestyles!

Oct 13, 2010 11:50am PDT

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