Arquette Did It Again!!! Blabs Some More To Stern!

david arquette makes another call to howard stern about courteney


Seriously David, you know you need to stop doing this. What’s the thought process with making another one of these calls?

This morning, David announced on Howard’s show that he still loves Courteney Cox, and that his most important possession is his wedding ring.

He went on to tell Howard that he never signed a prenup, to which Howard asked him “Can you count to 50?”

The significance of “50” is that David could get $50 million if they divorce without a prenup, because Courteney is worth $100 million, and based on California State Law, couples who have been married for a certain length of time must split their assets down the middle.

We’re not sure exactly how appropriate it is to cite your wedding ring as your most important possession during the same conversation in which you talk about NOT having a prenup. Just a thought.

What do U think of David’s most recent call to Howard Stern?

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Oct 27, 2010 11:50am PDT

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