Rihanna Will Never Forgive Herself For Missing Katy’s Wedding!


We can’t even imagine what a difficult decision this must have been to make, and we can understand why she could having doubts about it now!

Rihanna recently opened up about her heartwrenching decision to miss Katy Perry‘s wedding to Russell Brand in India, and revealed that she was forced to stay behind and put the final touches on her new album, Loud, instead of being present to support her friend!

She explains:

“I will never ever forgive myself for that…it was a crazy time, it was a crazy week, I’m switching management. There was no phone service in India and very little-to-no Internet service, so it would have been a little irresponsible of me. I’m sad that I missed it.”

Poor thing! She really does sound torn up about it!

But Katy and Russell are both a part of the biz, so we’re that they understand what a tough predicament she was in!

Hopefully, though, if she’s ever put in a similar situation once again in the future, she’ll recognize where her heart is and she’ll make the decision based on that, instead of work obligations!

What do U think?? What should have Rihanna done??

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Nov 1, 2010 8:40pm PDT

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