Cancelled? Say It Ain’t So, JoBros!

jobros show jonas la canceled by disney

Unless this is some sick practical joke, it looks like we may be losing another Disney Channel staple.

Paul Hoen, the director of the JoBros show Jonas L.A. tweeted the following statement:

“Sadly no more Jonas LA”

Hoen has since deleted the tweet, but it’s pretty clear that Jonas L.A.’s days are numbered.

We’re sorry to hear that the series appears to be canceled, but we’re sure the JoBros will be fine!

Now, if we could just cheer up Miley and get Demi all better and out of rehab, then our Disney Channel folks would all be fine!

We’ll be sending our best wishes to all of them!

Do U think the Disney Channel stars will be all right?

Update: Disney has confirmed that Jonas L.A. is officially canceled.

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Nov 9, 2010 11:20am PDT

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