Facebook-Related Firing Sparks Legal Drama!

drama over employee fired for facebook comment about boss

Looks like we’ve got serious Facebook-related drama this time!

The National Labor Relations Board is accusing a company of illegally firing an employee because she criticized her supervisor on her Facebook profile.

This is the first time that the labor board has gotten involved in a case like this, in an effort to argue that criticizing bosses or companies online is a protected activity.

Here’s what the general counsel for the labor board, Lafe Solomon, had to say about the case:

“This is a fairly straightforward case under the National Labor Relations Act — whether it takes place on Facebook or at the water cooler, it was employees talking jointly about working conditions, in this case about their supervisor, and they have a right to do that.”

Here’s what the company involved in the case, the American Medical Response of Connecticut, had to say in response:

“The employee in question was discharged based on multiple, serious complaints about her behavior. The employee was also held accountable for negative personal attacks against a co-worker posted publicly on Facebook. The company believes that the offensive statements made against the co-workers were not concerted activity protected under federal law.”

The employee in question, Dawnmarie Souza, mocked her supervisor on her Facebook profile, and used vulgarities while doing so.

We think Dawnmarie should be fired, and we support the company’s decision to let her go.

When you post things online, it’s out there for the public to see, and it’s a sign of disloyalty and disrespect to deal with a work-related grievance in such a manner.

What do U think? Do U agree or do U think an employee should be allowed to say whatever they want on Facebook?

Nov 9, 2010 8:20pm PDT

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