Ke$ha Says Heil No To Nazi Performance Outfits

Before taking the stage on Australia’s X Factor, Ke$ha made a quick change when it came to her dancer’s outfits.

The dancers were supposed to wear military outfits with red armbands, but the glittery songstress made them Take It Off because they looked too similar to Nazi uniforms.

Squared Division dance company’s director insisted the outfits were not intended to be offensive. He explains:

“The whole idea behind the performance was that Ke$ha was a dance commander and the dancers were her army. The costumes were hired and it was Ke$ha who said they looked a bit Nazi and asked for them to be changed. Nothing German or Nazi was ever part of the plan.”

Even though the armbands were 86ed, the dancers still dressed in a military garb including hats.

See the altered outfits Ke$ha and her dancers wore in the clip, above!


Nov 16, 2010 4:30pm PDT

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