Heidi Montag’s Mom Says “So Long, Heidi”

heidis mom says she wont try to reconnect with her daughter anymore

This is truly sad!

Heidi Montag’s mother, Darlene Egelhoff, has been struggling in many ways, but now she’s decided to put an end to one struggle – her efforts to reconnect with her daughter.

Here’s a preview of an upcoming post on Darlene’s blog, Metamorphosis of a Mother, in which she addresses her decision to leave Heidi alone from here on out:

Time To Move On

I had hoped sharing my honest feelings, stories and family pictures including Heidi on my blog would tug at her heart strings and create a desire within her to reconnect with her family. It was partially an outreach as a final appeal in a last, desperate resort. Based on an interview with Entertainment Tonight I now realize I was wrong and that she is assuming the worst of me and my motives. I will continue to share my feelings and perspective while chronicling Sky’s senior year in high school and off to college landing me in the Empty Nest. I’ll be sharing how I am transitioning, how our family dynamics are changing, creating a new identity for myself, and focusing on personal growth with the ultimate goal of drawing closer to my husband and God. I will no longer accept or respond to comments regarding Heidi for her sake and mine. I love all of my children unconditionally more today than yesterday and will love them more tomorrow than today. I appreciate the overwhelming, thoughtful, generous support so many of you have given to encourage me. I’m excited about this new chapter; it’s time for me to move on, to grow and purposefully live a life of peace and joy, join me! God Bless

We’re sorry to hear this, but maybe it’s for the best. Who knows? Maybe one of these days down the line Heidi will decide to reconnect with her family on her own accord.

Keep your chin up, Darlene! Focus your energy on Sky and the rest of your family, and stay positive, bb!

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Nov 22, 2010 3:20pm PDT

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