5 Great Fitness Apps

5 Great Fitness Apps

There are a million and one fitness apps out there, and it can seem impossible to find the right one. Here are 5 that are popular and functional to get you started on your fitness-app journey!

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about not know how to properly do an exercise, this app may be for you. There are over 300 exercises to choose from, and each one is explained with pictures and some video. If you want to target one part of your body, you can pick exercises targeted exclusively for that area. You can also keep track of your BMI, weight, and food on iFitness.

Pocket Yoga
This app offers three different types of yoga at three different levels for three varying durations, which means you’ll have the choice to pick between 27 different routines. The app provides excellent depictions of the poses in case you need to check yourself. Another great feature is that it allows you to play your own music from your iPod if you want to.

Get Running
If you have trouble staying motivated while your out on a run, this app may be perfect for you. “Get Running” says encouraging and motivating things into your headphones while you run, which helps you keep going.

Jenny Craig’s Dining Out Guide
It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re on the Jenny Craig diet, this app is great for anyone who wants to eat healthier while at a restaurant. There are over 100 restaurants on the app and it helps you choose menu items that are low in calories.

My Fitness Pal
This app is the closest thing to a personal trainer you can get on a phone. It has tons of recipes and workouts and it helps you figure out how many calories you’re burning so you can make sure you stay on track.

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Nov 23, 2010 10:00am PDT

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