What To Include In A Pet First Aid Kit

essential pet first aid kit items

Looks like CNN and the Mother Nature Network (MNN) have got our pets’ safety in mind for the New Year.

Here are some essential Pet First Aid Kit items, recommended by MNN’s Morieka Johnson:

Typical First Aid Kit items – Bandages, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, gauze, cotton swabs, and adhesive tape

Latex-free gloves – To help prevent infection

Tweezers – For removing ticks

Muzzle and leash – For emergency transport purposes

Digital thermometer – Pick up a “fever” thermometer, which tracks higher temperatures, and try to get a rectal reading

Activated charcoal – Helps prevent poison absorption, and can be used to induce vomiting (but consult a professional before use)

Benadryl – For bug bites and bee stings

Clean cloths – To absorb bleeding or to cover wounds

Emergency phone list – Should include veterinarian #, as well as ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center hotline (1-888-426-4435)

Cone of Shame (E-collar) – Prevents pets from licking or irritating wounds

Lots of great advice!

Accidents certainly do happen, so it’s def worth it to be prepared!

Jan 5, 2011 12:00pm PDT

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