Michael Lohan Slams Lindsay’s “Friends” For Betraying Her

michael lohan slams lindsays friends

As is always often the case, Michael Lohan has gone to the media to talk about Lindsay.

This time, he’s angry at her “friends” for betraying her just so they can make money.

Specifically, Michael is pissed at Lindsay’s acquaintance Linda Koopersmith, who brought a camera crew to his daughter’s place mere hours after she left rehab.

Here’s what Michael had to say about it:

“She violated Lindsay’s privacy, safety and the trust Lindsay had for her. How sick is that? Lindsay just gets out and already people are using her to promote themselves and make money.”

We agree that this wasn’t a cool move, but is it possible you’re being a bit hypocritical, Michael?

We’ve been hearing A LOT from you lately, and we find it a bit hard to believe that you’re not cashing in…at least a LITTLE bit but probably a lot.


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Jan 5, 2011 2:50pm PDT

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