Lea Michele And PETA Are Full Of Lies…

Horse and Carriage Association of NYC denies PETA's claims

…Or so the Horse and Carriage Association of NYC claims!

The association is firing back at the message put out by PETA and Glee star Lea Michele that carriage horses in NYC are treated unfairly and inhumanely.

A rep for the association, says:

“Come see us. She doesn├óΓé¼Γäót even know. Her recent video that she put up is just filled with lies!├óΓé¼┬¥

They seem pretty ticked!

The rep explains horses are limited to nine hours of work per day, only allowed to work ONE of the two shifts each day AND apparently get a five-week break during the year, during which they’re turned out to pasture.

If regulations aren’t met, carriage drivers face up to $2,000 in fines enforced by five organizations — the NYC Department of Health, NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, ASPCA, NYPD, and NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.

Despite what Lea claims, the rep says horses aren’t tied to their troughs in their stalls when they’re off-duty.

“The fact is that there’s no tie-end stalls, there’s box stalls,” the rep clarifies.

The rep also says the stables quite comfy for the horses, saying:

“My stable, which houses 76 horses, has automatic drinkers, oscillating fans, and sprinkler systems on them for the summer time.”

He also says barns are equipped with sprinkler systems in case of a fire and they’re NOT run-down tenement buildings like the Glee star claims.

“Every stable in this city has been built as a stable at one point or another,” the rep assures.

Hmm…Lea’s video is VERY convincing and obviously any association under fire for cruelty to animals is going to defend themselves.

Maybe the Horse and Carriage Association of NYC should come out with a video of their own, showing multiple “adequate stables” or follow a couple horses for the day to show us exactly what they go through.

What do U think? Did PETA and Lea misconstrue the facts or is the Horse and Carriage Association of NYC covering their tracks?

Jan 7, 2011 9:36am PDT

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