Being The Governator Took A Toll On Arnold’s Wallet…And Family

arnold took losses as governor

If Arnold needs to earn back a few bucks, all he’d have to do is sign on for Terminator 5! Easy as that!

According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, he lost over $200 million while serving as governor of California. His losses stem from office-related expenses and lost income from acting jobs.

Here’s what Arnold had to say about it:

“…I’m not sorry. It was more than worth it.”

But what was probably NOT as worth it was the toll it took on his family life. More from Arnold:

“What was much worse was the damage my time as governor did to the family. There is a lot there that needs to be repaired.”

According to the former governor, his family hated his job, because he’d have to leave their L.A. home every Monday morning for the Sacramento capital, and then he would sometimes not return until the end of the week:

“It was heartbreaking every time. In my second term of office, I did better. I tried to fly home every evening.”

Sorry to hear the job took a toll on your family, Arnold. Hopefully now you’ll have more time to spend with them…at least until you make your inevitable return to the big screen!

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Jan 17, 2011 7:00pm PST

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