O-Town Is Reuniting! Except…


Someone has gotten a little big for his britches and thinks he’s too good to get back together with his bros!

The boys that made up the first group to come out of Making the Band is making a comeback, according to sources close to the band. We’re told O-Town‘s Erik-Michael, Dan, Trevor and Jacob are all back in the studio, laying down some brand new music for the first time in eight years. Noticeably absent from the mix – Ashley Parker-Angel.

Supposedly, the group has been pleading with him to come back for about a year, but all hope seems lost on APA. He’s decided he wants nothing at all to do with them, so the group’s forced to go on with him.

Pity. They stand a decent chance at making a good, solid minor comeback. Where’s the loyalty, Ashely?

Are U stoked for an O-Town reunion?

Jan 18, 2011 12:40pm PDT

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