Oksana’s Ex-Bodyguard Joins Team Mel

oksana former bodyguard joins team mel

Looks like your already VERY questionable credibility has slipped again, Oksana!

Ms. Grigorieva’s former bodyguard, Kristian Herzog, now claims that Mel never punched her during the alleged incident of domestic violence.

According to Herzog, Mel “slapped her,” but that was all.

Herzog has fessed up on a couple of other little nuggets about Oksana as well. They are as follows:

– He says Oksana admitted to him that she made secret tapes of Mel to pressure him “to pay her money”

– He claims he had a “sexual relationship” with Oksana, and refers to her as a “sexual sorceress”

Do these claims by Oksana’s former bodyguard change your stance on this case at all?

[Image via WENN.]

Jan 20, 2011 6:30pm PDT

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