New Details On KStew’s K-11 Movie – It’s Raunchy & Terrifying!


We’re not that easily shocked, but this sounds DARK! Twilighters, this is not the movie for you.

For a long time, Kristen Stewart’s mother has been trying to get her movie, K-11, off the ground. The problem, we assume, is that though Hollywood lives for the scandolous, this movie may venture way too far off the beaten path for most studios to be comfortable with.

The film is about a specialized sector of the L.A. prison system called K-11, where gay and transgender criminals are sent in fear that they won’t survive in normal lock-up. A source has gotten a first hand look at the script and has shared some of the more gruesome parts of the story.

As her mother is taking the helm on this, KStew is poised to take the lead as Birdy “19-year-old sweet, red-headed girl (naturally a boy)” who befriends a new member of the cell block and tries to take care of him. She’s a very damaged character, to say the least, having been raped by a convicted child molester, who she later murders in retaliation.

But KStew isn’t alone. There is a gaggle of characters just like her in this movie. All of them engage in sexual exploits, both consensual and not so much. All of them love them some drugs from cocaine to meth to pills, KStew’s character’s recreation of choice. All of them are violent, vulgar and indecent characters, with only one set goal – to overthrow the guard who’s been abusing them and escape.

Sounds like something the whole family can enjoy, right?

Okay, maybe not, but it does sound like the kind of movie Kristen is probably eager to do to overthrow her Bella Swan alter-ego. Gritty, dirty, dark material – it’s just what KStew is after!

The movie’s supposedly going into production fairly soon, but how will audiences respond to it?

Think this might be something U’d want to see or no?

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Feb 2, 2011 3:40pm PDT

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