Rihanna Accused Of Ripping Off Photographer David LaChapelle!

The colors, the drag queens, the little people!

It all feels very David LaChapelle!

And David LaChapelle is rather put off by it.

Rihanna’s new music video, S&M, has been riddled with controversy ever since its release. The latest hullabaloo is about the style and direction of the video looking an awful like a person’s work who had no affiliation with the video. You know David LaChapelle’s work fairly well if you love Britney Spears, Madonna or Whitney Houston – he’s photographed them all and then some.

In the case of Rihanna’s video, which was directed by Melina Matsoukas, David’s influences are very apparent and the similarities between the video and LaChapelle├óΓé¼Γäós work started a stir on his fan page, Twitter, and Facebook account. According to one source:

“Interns told us that fans were buzzing about the video and wanting to know if David had directed it. Then the phone in the office started ringing off the hook, everyone was like ‘wow it’s amazing – it’s the exact same.’”

As we understand it, up until this point, no one in David’s camp knew a thing about the video or that it was so heavily styled around his photography, allegedly. That’s the rub – no one is confirming that this was Melina and Rihanna’s intention. However, one source claims Melina had photographs from past Italian Vogue shoots by LaChapelle, ranging from 1995-2002, laying around the set of the music video shoot.

Hmm. Inspiration or plagiarism?!

Watch the video again (above) and then tell us UR thoughts!

We say inspiration!!!

Feb 5, 2011 10:20am PST

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