SO Handy! New iPhone App Finds Parking Spaces

new iphone app finds parking spaces

Forget Angry Birds! This is WAY more useful!

Streetline’s new Parker app, which costs $1.99, locates available parking spaces for users. So cool!

The app currently works in the Hollywood district of El Lay and NYC’s Roosevelt Island. It will be adding Washington, D.C’s Fort Totten Metro station soon, and Salt Lake City will be coming later in 2011.

Here’s Streetline CEO Zia Yusuf on the parking technology:

“We want to make guided parking as prevalent as the traffic light. Five to seven years from now, kids will say ‘What do you mean you used to look for parking? Didn’t they just tell you where the parking spots were?’ I think that’s going to become a reality.”

This is great! Not only is it handy, but it could help reduce road rage. People can get pret-ty grumpy while circling endlessly through overcrowded parking lots. We’re on board!

Will U pick up the Streetline Parker app when/if it becomes available for your area?

[Image via WENN.]

Feb 23, 2011 8:40pm PDT

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