Canada To Randy Quaid: We Guess You Can Stay

What Exactly Is A Starwhacker Randy

Randy Quaid and his wife were in trouble a while ago trying to seek refuge in Canada from a “murderous ring” of accountants and what he called “star whackers” who were out to get him.

Well, the good news for them is that his wife was able to gain citizenship and has now vowed to sponsor Randy.

The source says:

“Evi’s Canadian citizenship was formally recognized and we received her citizenship card on Feb. 10. Evi has formally applied to sponsor her husband and it is anticipated that Randy will be granted his permanent resident status in due course and before the refugee claim is scheduled.”

It’s strange, however (what isn’t strange about this?), that as soon as Ms. Quaid found out about the citizenship, she dropped her refugee claim.

Was it because she didn’t need it or because it wasn’t so?

Source continues:

“Ms. Quaid dropped her refugee claim when she learned she had status because her father is Canadian. Mr. Quaid├óΓé¼Γäós refugee case had a number of delays. His lawyer had said Mr. Quaid├óΓé¼Γäós claim might be dropped if they could find another way for him to stay in Canada, possibly through his wife.”

Why would he drop the claim if what he’s saying is true?? Wouldn’t he want to continue on to bring the “star whackers” to light??

And there’s still that pesky business about those pending US charges, including:

“Outstanding U.S. arrest warrants. They had been charged with living illegally in a California guest house they formerly owned. The couple allegedly caused $5,000 damage to the property.”

They’re not just going to be forgotten, but they’re going to be pursued peacefully!

Stay safe, Randy!

What do U think about this, Canadian followers??

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Feb 24, 2011 5:00am PDT

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