Oscar Stars Can’t Say They Loved You Either, Anne & James


So, they won’t say it…on the record, that is.

People are still talking about how Anne Hathaway and James Franco faired as hosts for this year’s Oscars and unfortunately, no one is saying anything positive.

The Chicago Sun-Times interviewed a few A-list celebs after the show and though they wouldn’t dare have it revealed who they were, they were happy to share their true feelings about Anne and James as hosts.

One celeb echoed the comments of many critics, calling them “awkward,” “uneven,” and admitted that they never seemed to have “jelled” the way the should’ve. Another pointed out that the surprise appearance of Billy Crystal just heightened the duo’s amateur hosting abilities, saying:

“When I saw Billy Crystal make that surprise appearance onstage — and we saw how funny he is — it made me want to scream, ‘Bring Billy back!’ Maybe even tonight, before this show is over!”

Yeah, we can’t say we didn’t feel the same as the night drew on.

But credit is always given where it is do and even according to the stars, Anne did a much better job than James, noting that she brought much more “energy” to the stage than her partner in crime.

Oh well! Sounds like you guys should stick to making the films instead of honoring them. Sorry!

[Image via AP Images.]

Mar 1, 2011 4:20pm PDT

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