The More You Know: Ashlee Simpson’s New Man Edition!


It’s only been a month since Ashlee Simpson announced that she filed for a divorce from her husband Pete Wentz, but as we previously reported, she’s already moved on to a new man.

Craig Owens is a musician, as we mentioned, previously of the band Chiodos before he was kicked out and currently of D.R.U.G.S. (Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows), who were just signed to Pete’s record label. In between these two bands, Craig had A LOT of other musical ventures, including a solo project and assisting on some other band’s albums, like Broadway and In Fear and Faith.

Outside of his musical interests, Craig likes to watch comedies on TV, like The Office and Eastbound and Down and deals with his manic depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety. Yeah, he’s got some issues, but unlike some people who just hunker down in Sober Valley Lodge to Ustream their denial, Craig owns up to his problems and has been seeking help for years.

But the most important thing to know about Craig is that his biggest fan is none other than his mom Pete. Since last year, when Craig was signed to his label, he’s done nothing but rave about him as a person and artist. Pete told MTV that Craig was his favorite up and coming performer and revealed he has some “amazing songs” in his arsenal.

We imagine Pete doesn’t think he is so super-terrific these days…since he’s smooching his wife for all the world to see!

Messy! Messy! Messy!

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Mar 10, 2011 4:10pm PDT

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