OMG! Man Glues Tiny Hat To His Head!

Tiny hats! Tiny hats! We love us some tiny hats!!!!

And this one is particularly FIERCE! HA!

Check out this clip from Bizarre ER, when a young man asks to see a doctor as he has super-glued a tiny hat to his head! (above)

First of all, STOP LAUGHING! This is serious! Though the faboosh sequined fedora looks amazing on him, it has to die for the sake of his well being! The death of a tiny hat is nothing to chuckle at!

Second of all, START LAUGHING when the fedora meets its end because this guy had to walk around for 12 hours with half of hat super-glued to his head, which looks infinitely more ridiculous than his previous look.

And finally…where’s Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig when you need them???

Mar 29, 2011 4:50pm PDT

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