Wanna pAArty With Charlie Sheen? It’ll Cost You!


We’re not kidding – this is one of the highest appearance fees we’ve ever heard!

As Charlie Sheen has been touring the country, torpedoing it with his version of the “truth”, he’s also been hosting a bunch of after parties, geared towards providing a good time for his fellow warlocks and devotees to Team Sheen. But we started to wonder: how much does it cost to have the MaSheen stop by one of your parties?

Oh, about $200,000, plus the promise of a private jet travel and a massive hotel suite. At least, that is what one Vegas promoter is offering him to make an appearance at one of their soirees.

No doubt his bags of “Charlie Sheen” are packed and he is ready to roll when they are! Hey, who wouldn’t be? It’s 200K! Chump change considering what he used to pull in from Two and A Half Men, but still, it’s nothing to scoff at!

[Image via WENN.]

Apr 11, 2011 9:00pm PDT

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