Dating On Facebook Returns!

iwould facebook dating app

Reminds us of the good ole Facebook days. You guys remember “Random Play?” Ha!

Columbia University MBA grads Jon Budish and Tariq Chaudhri have developed a Facebook dating app called iWould, which allows you to anonymously look for that special someone.

Here’s how it works, as described on the iWould Facebook page:

Step 1. Select 1-10 people to include in your “iWould List.”
Step 2. Submit your iWould List
Step 3. If someone on your “iWould List” has included you in their “iWould List”, you will both receive an email informing you of the match.

Here’s what Budish had to say about the app:

“We’re trying to help people connect with someone they’re having a hard time connecting with, someone in your life.”

The app currently has 3,000+ monthly users, and it’s been given a valuation of $750,000 from a “private investor.”

Sounds like fun. This should def appeal to the Plenty Of Fish/OkCupid! crowd…

Will U try out iWould?

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Apr 14, 2011 10:00pm PDT

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