Fun Fact: Sparrows Are Huge Sluts

slut of the sky

And you thought the girls on Jerry Springer were nasty…

Using paternity tests and studying the birds mating behavior scientists revealed that sparrows are the the most promiscuous (skanky) bird species ever studied.

Our source says:

“We found that nearly every clutch of eggs was the product of more than one father, and that within broods it was extremely common for any two siblings to have different fathers.”

Most sparrows lay five eggs at a time. And out of those five babies THREE TO ALL FIVE eggs will have a DIFFERENT BABY DADDY! Who raised these sparrows?

One scientist said:

“We were not surprised to find some level of promiscuity. But we were quite stunned at just how extreme the rate was.”

Respect yourselves sparrows!

[Image via wildlifemusings.]

May 5, 2011 2:00pm PDT

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