John Edwards Reportedly Chews Out Former Mistress Over Sex Tape

john edwards chews out former mistress

Did you really think this was a good idea, John???

Back in February, John Edwards found himself testifying in court over a sex tape with his former mistress Rielle Hunter, and NOW we’re hearing that he “took his anger and frustrations out on Rielle” after learning that parts of his testimony will be made public.

Here’s what a source had to say about John’s outburst against Rielle:

“He screamed at Rielle, calling her an idiot for not destroying the tape, and yelling that she made a fool of him for talking him into making it. Rielle was in tears, and tried to apologize, but John didn’t care.”

“John was shocked with the judge’s decision. His worst nightmare is that the tape will get on the internet, and destroy what little reputation he has left.”

Bravo, John! Turn your former mistress against you as well. Strategic move…

You should never have made the tape in the first place, John. Then again, you should have never had the affair in the first place…or at the very least, you should have been honest about it right away.

What do U think about John Edwards’ behavior with regards to his sex tape?

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May 18, 2011 11:30pm PDT

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