French Actor Arrested For Mooning Fans At Cannes!

Sami Naceri

That’s either the best way to greet your fans or the worst! LOLz!

Sami Naceri, a French actor from the country’s hit franchise Taxi, was arrested in Cannes, France after mooning a group of fans who asked him for a pic!

He was taken into police custody on Sunday and “accused of displaying an intimate part of his anatomy” in public.

While possibly amusing to onlookers, we’re not sure that was the most appropriate decision for ANYBODY in public, especially an actor.

He seems to be begging for police to arrest him since he was briefly detained last week during the Festival de Cannes for insulting police AND convicted of a knife attack in 2009!

Sounds like this guy has some issues!

Do U think he should have been arrested for mooning or was it just a harmless joke?

[Image via WENN.]

May 23, 2011 7:30pm PDT

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