HUGE GaGa News! Buy Born This Way Today On Amazon For 99 Cents…AGAIN!


Woohoo! One more time! Thanks Amazon!

On Monday, all the Little Monsters of the world flooded to to buy their digital copy of Lady GaGa’s new album, Born This Way at the very reasonable price of 99├é┬ó! In fact, the response from fans was so HUGE, they damn near turned the website into rumble as it crashed midway through the day!

But guess what? If you missed the frenzy on Monday or you just want to buy 20 more copies of the album at a discounted price, you’re in luck! This morning, Amazon released the album on their online store AGAIN for 99├é┬ó!!!

This is a pretty big deal, you guys. For one thing, it is unheard of that a company would take such a steep cut in their profits. Even though they are only charging you guys a pittance for the power of GaGa, they still have to pay her label the full wholesale price. But, they probably figure its worth it to promote their new cloud service (fans who buy the album will also get 20 GB of Cloud Drive storage on the website).

Are U still here? WHY??? CLICK HERE to buy Born This Way again and again and again! Let’s not only get her to the top of the charts next week – let’s get her to over a million copies!!! Yes we can!!!

May 26, 2011 9:44am PDT

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