Survey Discovers The Perfect Female Body

Survey Discovers The Perfect Female Body

The perfect female body would a Frankenstein combination of a few different celebs.

Jennifer Lopez’s legs and butt, Michelle Obama’s arms, and Jessica Alba’s arms would be used to create it.

For men, Vin Diesel’s arms and Matthew McConaughey’s abs would make up part of it.

Here are a few more interesting facts the survey found:

— 51% of women think if the perfect guy gained 50 pounds or more, he wouldn’t be hot anymore.
— 48% of men agreed a fit favorite wouldn’t be so fine with 50 extra pounds.
— 66% of women and half of men grapple with their own weight issues.
— 22% of Americans would pass up a million bucks to have their dream body for a lifetime.

What to U think? Who would make up UR perfect body?

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May 26, 2011 8:00pm PDT

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