Shrek The Famous Run-Away Sheep Dies At 16

Shrek The Famous Run-Away Sheep Dies At 16

It’s been a rough week for celebrity animals.

First, Ida, the Central Park Zoo’s beloved polar bear, died at the age of 25 and now comes word that Shrek, New Zealand’s most famous sheep, is dead at 16.

Shrek, a merino wether or castrated male sheep, got the world’s attention in 2004 when he was found in a cave after being on the lam for six years.

He had managed to avoid capture all that time and when he was finally found, he was carrying some 60 lbs of untrimmed fleece (six times more than the average merino fleece).

TV coverage of his shearing reportedly rivaled Princess Dianna‘s 1997 funeral and his wool was auctioned at high prices for charity. Experts estimate that the photos of Shrek were worth $100 million worth of publicity for New Zealand’s export industry.

He will be missed, but his sweaters will live on!

[Image via AP Images.]

Jun 7, 2011 6:00pm PDT

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