Weiner’s Wild World Of Women

W W W 1
W W W 2

It’s hard to keep’em straight, and put faces to the names, so we’ve compiled pics of the infamous Weiner Women for clarification!

Top Row: Ginger Lee and Megan Broussard

Bottom Row: Genette Cordova and Lisa Weiss

Also, we added a few more pics of the gals below, so make sure to check’em out!

Now. We aren’t completely sure that these are all the women, these are just the ones that have been confirmed. So, if any more make it out of the woodwork, we’ll be sure to update!

We still feel super bad for Huma, and we feel bad for the attention that these ladies are getting. But, less bad. Because they were probably aware of who he was and that he was married.

We don’t feel bad for Weiner, though!

Jun 7, 2011 5:15pm PST

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