Want To See Some Pics From The LeAnn Rimes ‘Intimate Home Video?’


And here they are!

We reported earlier that there was allegedly a intimate video of LeAnn Rimes and her ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, circulating the web, that was found on a memory stick to a digital camera in the back of a moving truck, and now, three screenshots from the alleged tape have hit the net!

Unfortunately, there’s really not too much there that can be considered racy, or even particularly interesting, as you can see for yourself (above)!

According to the source:

If you’re talking about her ex husband then you’re 100% correct. It was always rumored around Nashville that he was always playing with the boys.

Sometime around 2008 I found the memory stick to a digital camera. Took it home and watched it and it had about ten, 15-20 sec videos of her shot by her then husband. She’s in her bedroom changing clothes trying to find an outfit for some court case. She definitely wasn’t as skinny as the pics in this thread and had a lot of cellulite. There was a mirror behind her so you can see her husband holding the camera and he is talking like a baby to her. Kinda a creepy. I kept the memory stick in case I could ever sell it but haven’t tried.

I’m telling you guys, I have seen her with some meat on her hips and it looked more like cottage cheese than meat.


We guess that’s more likely the reason LeAnn didn’t want this out for the world to see, instead of being concerned about any NSFW imagery of her!

Seriously, baby talk??

Yeah, as far as we’re concerned, we’ve seen enough! Keep that video private! LOLz!

Jun 15, 2011 8:45am PDT

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