Boy Suspended From School For A YEAR For Wearing Dress And Heels!


Check out this news story about a 15-year old Oregon boy who was suspended for A YEAR from his school after wearing a dress and high heels to class (above)!

Apparently, Sam Saurs was tired of hearing his mother complain about her high heels were uncomfortable, so he made a bet with her that he could wear them no problem, and decided to take it one step further by wearing a dress and make-up to school. When he was called into his principal’s office and told that he was a distraction, Sam rightfully said that the comments were sexist, and he was immediately suspended!


Obviously, we think he probably should have handled the situation with a little more tact and not insulted his elder, but still! If he wasn’t violating the school’s dress code, then he shouldn’t be punished!

Think about the message that this sends out to confused teens who may be struggling with their gender identity throughout the country!

So disappointing!

We sincerely hope that the administrators of the school system seriously consider the ramifications of what they’ve done, and take steps to correct the issue!

Jun 21, 2011 9:20am PDT

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