Is Courtney Stodden Really 16? Really?

Color us skeptical, because in reality we’re not so sure we aren’t being scammed here.

Check out the video above (which is not good, we can’t even pretend that it is), and see the supposedly 16 year old Courtney Stodden, the alleged minor who married the 51 year old Lost/X-Files actor over the weekend.

If you aren’t convinced by that, then check out the pictures below. She looks like she’s 30, easily!

This has GOT to be some kind of stunt to get her some publicity.

The bad thing is that it’s totally working, too, and we’re guilty of helping it out, just like everyone else who picked up the story!

But, if she’s 16, we’re doing it to call attention to the fact that she’s waaaay too young to get married to a 51 year old man. If she’s mid-thirties, then we’re doing it to call attention to the scam, and that regardless of “even bad press is good press” that her music isn’t going to take off either way after a stunt like this (or a video like that).

Seriously. Just look at her. No way she’s 16.

Plus now we know why her mom was so adamant about letting us know that everything… about… her is “real.”

Do U think she’s 16??

Jun 21, 2011 1:40pm PDT

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