Get Ready To Cry, Comic Book Fans! The Next Superhero To Die Will Be…

next comic book hero to die will be

SPOILER ALERT: The announcement of a MAJOR comic book superhero’s death is below!

After many, many years of fighting crime, and keeping the streets safe, we regret to inform you that during the upcoming issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Peter Parker/Spidey will be killed by the Green Goblin.

Fortunately for avid Spider-Man fans, the Ultimates series is separate from the bigger Marvel universe, so Spidey will live on in other series, including the Amazing Spider-Man books.

Here’s what Marvel senior editor Mark Paniccia had to say about Peter Parker’s death:

“Ten years ago, Brian Bendis and Mark Millar changed the way people saw super heroes with the birth of the Ultimate Universe. With Death of Spider-Man the two have done it again, creating a story just as big, and something that would really resonate with fans, but Peter’s death doesn’t signal the end of their larger plan ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ it’s the start of one of the most ambitious stories you’ve ever read in comics.”

Rest well, Spider-Man! Send our best to Human Torch!

Jun 22, 2011 4:00am PST

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