Tobey Maguire Sued Over Illegal Poker Game

Toby Maguire Sued For Illegal Poker Games

Underground poker games happen all the time, we assume.

What we don’t assume, however is that Tobey Maguire, Leo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck take part in them — especially the ones being run by a “Beverly Hills hedge fund manager who embezzled investor funds and orchestrated a Ponzi scheme in a desperate bid to pay off his monster debt to the star and others.”

Let’s be clear, though, Leo, Matt, and Ben aren’t being sued. Maguire is being sued, however, because the hedge fund manager, Brad Ruderman, had used investor money to pay off a debt to Maguire (more than $300k). Because the game was illegal, the money was both not Ruderman’s to give, and not Maguire’s to receive.

Apparently, Maguire was a really frequent player, winning upwards of a $1 million a month… for a long time! One of the whistleblowers even said that Maguire probably earned somewhere in the ballpark of $30-$40 million dollars in all from these poker games.

It’s illegal, of course, to play for money in these underground poker games, but it’s rarely prosecuted. Nobody is under criminal investigation. So that’s good news for Toby and the crew.

To us, it’s kind of ridiculous to risk something like this. Just go to Vegas and find the highest stake poker game you can find where it’s still legal. Problem solved.

Toby has hired a lawyer to argue that the games weren’t illegal. We say you have enough scratch, settle the lawsuit, and move on — you’re lucky enough not to be under criminal investigation!

How do U feel about these guys playing this stuff??

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Jun 22, 2011 3:00pm PDT

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