Bin Laden Raid Gets The Graphic Novel Treatment


First a simulation game, and NOW a graphic novel! What’s next…a ride at Disneyland? Oh right…Disney’s no longer trying to profit from the bin Laden raid. Ha!

And yes, you read correctly. There is a graphic novel about the Osama bin Laden raid on its way, entitled Code Word: Geronimo, which was written by retired U.S. Marine Captain Dale Dye and wifey Julia Dye.

Here’s what co-writer Julia Dye had to say about the graphic novel:

“People from all parties and from more than one administration made this all possible. It’s an American celebration.”

The publisher, IDW Publishing, is saying that a portion of the proceeds from book sales will be donated to the American Veterans Center.

Better than nothing we suppose, although we’d be curious to hear HOW BIG a portion! Seems like it should be substantial! Maybe…92%???? LOLz.

Seriously though…if they’re going to profit from the bin Laden Raid, they should def be generous with how much of that money they give to a good cause.

What do U think? Will U pick up Code Word: Geronimo?

Jun 23, 2011 7:00pm PDT

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