Kim Cattrall Ends 37 Year Diet!

Kim Cattrall ends diet

You think going a week without fatty food is tough? Try going 37 years! That’s some serious self-control!

During a recent interview, Kim Cattrall opened up about finally ending a 37-year-long diet in order to gain 20 pounds for her role as a retired porn star in her latest film, Meet Monica Velour, saying:

“It was a stretch for me – literally a stretch as I had to gain 20lbs to play this character… it was fantastic! I have been on a diet since 1974 so this was time for me to eat. God I love to eat, chips and crisps and puddings. Oh, it was amazing.”

The Sex And The City actress also enjoyed not having to like…well…Samantha Jones from Sex And The City, continuing to explain:

“I had no make up on and my hair was just as I got out of bed. I am known so much for looking just one way – that sort of Barbie doll perfection look that Sex And The City promotes – so it was fantastic for me to get to play a real person.”

Welcome to the dark side, Kim! LOLz!

Just kidding, but we’re glad you FINALLY got to relax and enjoy some of the best tasting, yet most unhealthy food this world has to offer!

Now we’ll be anxiously waiting to hear how you inevitably LOSE all of that movie weight. We know there is more Samantha in you then you’d like to admit! Ha!

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Jun 24, 2011 6:30pm PDT

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