Teen Mom Vs. Demi Lovato!


Oh, how clASSy!

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has seemed to get one helluva of a bug up her ass about Demi Lovato‘s recent personal troubles and subsequent comeback single, Skyscraper, because she took to Twitter to take some pretty unnecessary digs at the young starlet!

She writes:

In the v.o booth… i feel if demi Lavato can sing … why can’t I… I’ve been through way more then just vomitting after every meal. 🙂

It’s apparent people have a hard time admitting to facts. I have nothing against Demi, im happy she is well. Get Real People!

Only because i care. If you have a eating disorder go to edpa.org. love ,Farrah and I wish you the best on your health.

Yuck – okay, who exactly does this chick think she is?

You may be addressing a ‘fact,’ as you so eloquently stated, but there’s no need for you to discredit the severity of an issue plaguing many more than just her by claiming that you’re somehow entitled to similar success because you’ve been through what YOU consider to be more difficult issues.

Deplorable AND ignorant! Wow – well done, gurl!

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Jul 15, 2011 2:30pm PDT

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