Jessica Biel Got Turned Down For Mila Kunis’ Friends With Benefits Role

jessica biel got turned down for friends with benefits role

Ah well! Jessica still managed to get Justin back anyway!

According to Friend With Benefits screenwriter David Newman, Jessica Biel auditioned for Mila Kunis‘ role in the film…but got turned down.

Here’s what Newman had to say about Jessica:

“She was actually a huge fan of the project and screen-tested for it years ago.”

And here’s what Newman had to say when asked why she was rejected:

“We’re not the director. She’s great and adorable — smoking hot!”

It’s certainly nice to see Justin and Jessica back together in REAL LIFE…but we think they made the right casting choice with this one.

…And we’ve gotta say, JT and Mila have some serious chemistry! They made a HAWT couple at the Friends With Benefits premiere last night!

What do U think? Would Jessica Biel have been a good choice for Mila’s FWB role?

[Images via WENN & Sony Pictures.]

Jul 19, 2011 2:20pm PDT

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