Shocking Deets In J.Lo’s Divorce: Cheating, Low Self-Esteem, And Emailing Ben Affleck!

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Among the many problems they faced as a married couple, we’re now learning that cheating was one of them – on HIS side!

According to numerous sources, Marc Anthony cheated on his wife with a stewardess back in 2009!

The trial of discovery almost shook Jennifer Lopez to divorce him then, but he begged and pleaded for her to stay. She truly loved him, so they went to marriage counseling and moved forward.

Unfortunately, despite her regaining trust in him, he never fully trusted her. If she was around anyone who was mildly attractive, he would linger and watch over her.

Not only that, but he took advantage of her insecurities. J.Lo may have a diva persona in public, but behind closed doors she has incredibly low self-esteem.

He really played into them, and that’s why she endured the emotional abuse for as long as she did. She never felt strong enough to be without him.

So what’s a gal to do when she’s had enough? Why, get her mom to email her ex-fiance of course!

Guadalupe Lopez seeked out Ben Affleck‘s help. Always being a fan of his, she knew she could trust his advice.

Ben quickly replied wishing her the best and offering all he could.

Three days later, the divorce bomb dropped.

WOW! What an ordeal. We’re so glad she was able to get out of that hot mess!

Nobody deserves to suffer through that kind of abuse. No-bo-dy.

Jul 20, 2011 11:50am PST

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