Exclusive! Dannii Minogue Reveals Why She REALLY Left X Factor! Plus, About Sharon Osbourne…

Such a revealing interview!!!

Dannii Minogue recently sat down to chat with Perez about A LOT of juicy stuff!

We spoke about everything from Australia’s Got Talent and newly-crowned winner Jack Vidgen, to why she really left X Factor, being a mom, her boyfriend, her forays into fashion and publishing, a possible return to music and… what she would do if she and Sharon Osbourne were at a party together!

Read some highlights from our chat after the jump!

Watch the interview in full above!

Perez: Little Jack Vidgen, 14 years old is still in the competition [on Australia’s Got Talent].

Dannii Minogue: Yeah.

Perez: And can you give your opinions on him or you not allowed to?

Dannii Minogue: When he sings there’s this energy in the room that is I can’t even described it. And there’s a lot of people who say, “You know I sing and I have a gift.” And I think few people have a gift and a lot people are talented. With him, he has a gift.

Perez: Now, we’ve only met in person once that was at my birthday party —

Dannii Minogue: A birthday party.

Perez: — three and a half years ago.

Dannii Minogue: God that was a long time.

Perez: I know. A lot has changed in your life since then. How would you describe these last three and a half years?

Dannii Minogue: I guess kind of like being on a amazing ride. I just feel like I sort of got swept up and taken away, and the big part of that has been my boyfriend Chris, meeting him, and just having so much happiness in my life, and then us having baby Ethan together. And you know really that’s what life is all about. The fun, and the glitz, and the glamour, and the entertainment, and being on TV is great, I absolutely love it. But you — there’s this incredible sense when you have a baby that you think, “Oh that’s what I was meant to do.” Its like every cell in your body is going, “I’ve got this baby, and I’m going to look at after this baby” and its rally an incredible feeling.

Perez: So I notice you call him your boyfriend though. Is that a term that you’re comfortable with, you’re happy with? You call him boyfriend not partner.

Dannii Minogue: Yeah, boyfriend, I don’t know. Partner, is that what I should say?

Perez: Do you feel a pressure or a desire to make him your real husband not quotes?

Dannii Minogue: I don’t know, it could happen. We sort of talk about it. Having been through one marriage already myself and that caused a lot of pain, you know a lot of heartache. I guess you get a little bit scared off by it, but it does come up.

Perez: Now having a baby though is something that has been a really positive experience so much so have you talked about, or want to have another?

Dannii Minogue: Definitely whenever I see other mothers with little newborns, I just go and I swoop on them and I scoop their little baby out of their arms, and I really sort of am so attracted to having another little one in my arms. But then when you thin through the practical’s of it, you know, having another little one, starting to wakeup all through the night when this ones just starting teething. The practicals of it you just go, oh okay, that’s going to be really hard. But actually, you know I am thinking about it.

Perez: I recently interviewed Sharon Osbourne whom you’ve you had a very interesting relationship with. If you were to run into Sharon at a party, would you chat with her?

Dannii Minogue: [Watch above for answer].

Perez: Good answer. Now, I need to get to the bottom of it, and I want to know when I heard you weren’t coming back to X Factor, something felt, smelled fishy to me, something did not seem right because didn’t you do Australia’s Got Talent last season as well?

Dannii Minogue: [Watch above for answer.]

Aug 2, 2011 11:15am PDT

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