Texas Gov. Rick Perry Did NOT Do Well In College

rick perry did poorly in college

Can’t say this surprises us AT ALL!

Back in June, we heard that Texas Gov. Rick Perry issued a proclamation declaring August 6th as a Day of Prayer which was being sponsored by the nation’s leading anti-LGBT groups, and we were NOT pleased!

Now, it appears that Perry’s ignorance is actually even more widespread than we realized, because his transcript from Texas A&M University has been released, and the governor earned mostly C’s and D’s. Ouch.

Here’s what a former classmate of Perry’s had to say about him:

“A&M wasn’t exactly Harvard on the Brazos River. This was not the brightest guy around. We always kind of laughed. He was always kind of a joke.”

Don’t worry, Rick! We’re sure all your friends in the anti-LGBT groups can look past the fact that you got a D in a class called “the principles of economics.” It’s not like a governor needs to be knowledgeable about the economy or anything!

What do U think about Rick Perry’s college history? Does it affect your views on the man?

[Image via AP Images.]

Aug 5, 2011 6:10pm PDT

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