Q & A With Dr. J


Being busy can sure add a lot more stress. It’s difficult to keep things balanced.

FitPerez’s own professional life coach, Dr. J, has advice on how to change your stressful outlook on your busy daily routine to this week’s reader who asks:

“Really wanted to ask your advice on something.
Why is it the more busy I get the more stressful life seems?”

Dr. J says:

How are you dressing up your day? Are You clothing yourself with compassion, kindness, and patience? Or are You fashioning yourself up in frustration, fear and fatigue? The Pope, the Dalai Lama, and Mother Teresa have All experienced, even thrived in, an unfathomable amount of garden to global varieties of stress. We All can benefit from the examples of this Clergy of Consciousness. For example, You can either use stress to bring out your very best or you can become a victim and stay stuck in its symptoms! Being Busy can be a Blessing or a Curse. Win with your Words and Work Ethic, don’t Whine with them! You can choose Principles over Popularity, or vice-versa Popularity over Principles. You will know exactly when, or a certain someone will let you know when, it’s time to Prioritize! Before You start each day, Appoint yourself CEO of Your Life: Chief Executive Optimist, Cut Excuses Out or Create Excellent Opportunities! Let the Stress begin!

Ah yes, having a positive outlook on life can certainly make a difference!

If you’ve got a question about how to handle something bothering you in life, shoot us an email or ask the doctor himself @AskDocJ on Twitter!

Aug 8, 2011 11:30am PDT

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