Watch Out, Potterheads! Cybercriminals Are Preying On YOU!

potter fans being targeted by cybercriminals

Come on, JK Rowling! Can’t you cast a Patronus charm against these cybercriminals or something???

Back in June, we got all the deets about the Harry Potter website Pottermore, but we were never warned that it would put our computers AND identities in jeopardy!

Due to the fact that fans have been ravenous about obtaining early memberships to the website, which officially opens in October, cybercriminals are setting up “poisoned Google search results,” which redirect people to sites that ask for personal information and put them at risk for marketing schemes, “phishing scams,” or computer viruses.

Sounds like Potter fans better be VERY careful when searching for those coveted early memberships to Pottermore! As difficult as it may be to wait until October, it MIGHT be worth it.

In the meanwhile, go see Deathly Hallows: Part II a few more times! We’re thinking that should keep Potter urges under control…at least for the most part!

Did U get an early membership to Pottermore? If not, will U stay safe and wait until October?

Aug 9, 2011 9:30am PDT

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