Schools In Ontario, Canada To Be Junk-Food-Free


No more junk food for schools in Ontario, Canada.

Starting next month, schools will be taking away any candy, fries, energy drinks, and fatty snacks so that they’re not accessible to students.

The Ministry of Education, Liberal MPP Pat Hoy says:

“Studies show that 28 per cent of our students, between two and 17, are overweight or obese. Naturally, that’s not a good state to be in, leading to all sorts of health problems like diabetes and heart disease. We would like to do something about it. Also, good nutrition seems to be a significant factor in how well children do in school.

The nutrition standards will make it easier for schools to determine which foods they can and cannot sell. Fully 80 per cent of the new school menu must include products with the highest levels of essential nutrients and the lowest amounts of fat, sugar and sodium.”

Some experts argue though that even the healthiest 80% of food served in schools still contain as much as 960 milligrams of sodium. The recommended daily intake for children is 1,200 milligrams a day.

That is WAY too much sodium for children to digest.

Taking the junk out is a huge step to curb obesity though so improving their healthier options will have to be next on their agenda.

Go Canada!

[Image via AP Images.]

Aug 9, 2011 12:00pm PDT

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