Simon Cowell Donates To Help Clean Up Riot Damage

Simon Donates Riots

How wonderful!

Well, it does suck that the need for it has happened, but because we can’t change that, the next best thing is to do all we can to help clean up. And Simon Cowell is doing just that!

Simon has just donated $80,000 to a riot clean up fund!

Hundreds of businesses have been forced to shut up shop in order to repair damage, and Britain’s Express Newspapers group has established a special fund for riot victims as part of the Reclaim Our Streets crusade.

The X Factor creator judge Cowell is leading the way with an $80,000 donation, and he is happy to help the initiative.

He tells the Daily Express, “A lot of families and businesses desperately need some help right now and I back any campaign which achieves this.”

Opera singer Katherine Jenkins adds, “Since the riots we’ve seen communities pull together. Reclaim Our Streets is a way we can play a part in rebuilding our beautiful country.”

We’re positive that the money will help out those businesses and families that did NOTHING to deserve the damage done by the rioters.

It’s so sad how much damage was done. We hope others can pitch in and help.

You’ve got our respect, Simon!

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Aug 15, 2011 11:00am PDT

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