Pit Bull Nearly Starves To Death, Needs Your Support


This is just a close-up shot of what Bubba the Pit Bull looks like.

The 6- to 10-month puppy was discovered last week in Ohio when authorities visited the home of the dog’s owner, Tyree D. Kyle. Bubby was found in a locked room, lying in his own feces and urine. He was seriously emaciated.

Animal control officer John Ornatz examined the dog and reported that he weighed 14 pounds, instead of the 30 or 40 pounds a typical dog his age would weigh. Ornatz called it one of the worst cases of animal abuse he’d ever seen in his 28 years of service.

Owner Kyle pleaded not guilty to a charge of animal cruelty with members of his family testifying that he had no job or money to feed himself, let alone his puppy.

What a pathetic excuse.

Animal activists, who lined the courtroom wearing “Justice for Bubba” t-shirts, were also not convinced.

He is currently facing a very lenient sentencing of a maximum of 60 days in jail and a $750 fine.

Bubba is currently in good hands and is sleeping, but he is weak and can barely walk. Long-term effects of his neglect and abuse could mean that he will most likely never walk correctly again. Jennifer Bird, who is currently caring for Bubba, is appalled that Kyle could walk away with such a lenient sentence. She says:

“This man is getting charged with an M-4 fourth grade misdemeanor, which is the sort of penalty assessed for spitting on the sidewalk]. We want to see that be an M-2. Instead of community service, we want this man to not be allowed to have a dog for five years, and we want to see him serve some jail time. ‘We don’t want him to pay a fine and do community service and get a slap on the wrist, not for what he’s done. Animal abuse is happening in this area and we need stricter laws in Ohio. I want the community to be outraged and say enough is enough.”

We are just as outraged. This is just so, so horrible.

To support Bubba and find out what you can do, please visit his Facebook page.

And to see a full-body picture of Bubba and his emaciated body, click after the jump. WARNING: Very graphic image. Trust us, you will be outraged too.


[Image via Bubba’s Facebook Page.]

Aug 16, 2011 11:00am PDT

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