West Memphis Three Free At Last!!!

Free The WM3

After eighteen years of imprisonment, an Arkansas judge granted the West Memphis Three freedom!

The men agreed to a plea deal where the men are allowed to maintain their innocence as long as they admit the Arkansas prosecutors did have evidence to convict them. They can’t sue, either.

As we’ve told you before, in 1993, three little boys — Christopher Byers, Steven Branch, and James Michael Moore — were brutally murdered in the forests of Arkansas.

Police arrested Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley Jr. for the murders. All three got life in prison with Damien also receiving the death penalty.

Many believed the men to be innocent and found a number of flaws in the case, but after years and years of large support and DNA testing, justice has been served.

One of the boy’s stepfathers passionately believes in the innocence of all three and is arguing the need for a plea to set them free.

Another father, however, is upset too, but because he still believes they’re guilty.

This stunning conclusion will fill with controversy just as the verdict did, but at the end of the day — these three men have their lives back.

As for the little boys, we sincerely hope the real killers are found/come forward. Though justice has been served for the WM3, it still needs to be served for Byers, Branch, and Moore.

Aug 19, 2011 1:41pm PDT

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