Would You Pay 50 Bucks A Month For Unlimited Movie Tickets???

unlimited movie ticket service

Cool concept, but the reality doesn’t seem like it’s so great.

Back in July, startup discount company MoviePass Inc. tested out a new monthly-based subscription, which would offer people unlimited movie tickets for $50/month.

The program didn’t work out as planned, so it was temporarily scrapped, but now MoviePass is looking to test out a new system next month, in which they’ll partner up with Hollywood Movie Money.

No word yet on exactly how much the service will cost this time around, but we’d imagine it’ll be somewhere in the vicinity of $50/month once again.

Here’s our biggest issue with this service: only one ticket will be issued to customers at a time! So, if you actually have friends, or a significant other, someone will still have to pay full price for that second seat. LAME!

Solve that problem, and we’d say you’ve got a pretty awesome service here! In the meanwhile…not so much.

What do U think about this service? Would U pay a monthly fee to watch unlimited movies in theaters???

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Sep 1, 2011 8:30am PDT

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